Affordable Fees

Initial Consultation

Free 15 minutes
$ 0
  • Clarifying questions and expectations
  • Discuss reimbursable fees process

Counselling Session

50 minutes
$ 150
  • Relaxed video counselling session
  • Sessions reimbursable by health care benefits

Employment Benefits Accepted

Positive Circles also accommodates employment benefits covering a portion or all of your counselling fees.

Can My Benefits Cover The Cost of Counselling?

Regarding inquiries about counselling services, “Am I covered to see you?” is one of the most frequent and essential questions. For many, it affects how much counselling they can receive, especially if money is tight.

Insurance & Extended Health Benefits

Clients who have extended health benefits through their employer may be reimbursed for all or a portion of their affordable counselling fees. Services must be paid for in advance, and Positive Circles can work with our clients to ensure they have the proper paperwork for reimbursement.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Many employers will pay for short-term counselling services for their employees under “Employee Assistance Programs” (EAP). These services may include counselling, training, assessments, and workshops. Please check with your employer.

EAP programs are designed to help employees, and their families deal with issues that affect their lives. Personal problems and work stress can increase absenteeism: lower productivity, and workplace conflicts. Talk to your employer or Human Resources department about the EAP benefits program to cover your counselling sessions.

Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh

Supervising Psychologist

Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh is Positive Circles’ supervising psychologist (CPO #5333). She specializes in psychological disorders and has an eclectic approach to therapy, integrating Schema-focused CBT, mindfulness, and sensorimotor psychotherapy to meet clients’ individual needs.

Most Employee Assistance and Health benefits providers accept claims for counsellors fees that have psychologist supervision to meet their standard for reimbursement.

Cancellation And Fees Policy

Your appointment requires your therapist to reserve a significant amount of time exclusively for your benefit. Since it is reserved for you, we will charge your total fee for missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 business hours’ notice.

The applicable session fee is mandatory and must be received in full to validate your appointment.

We accept payment by credit card or Interac e-Transfer. HST is payable on all fees, and a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions is applicable. A counselling hour is 50 minutes of counselling and 10 minutes to write notes.

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