What To Expect

You are invited to a warm, friendly, and private online environment where things begin to get better. We are fully committed to seeing a better version of you at Positive Circles.

Treatment Environment

Our counselling service is rendered to you exclusively through:

  • Comfortable and relaxed discussion
  • Discreet and Professional experience
  • Focus on building a collaborative relationship
  • Therapeutic approach guided by your concerns, indicators, and preferences
  • We also consider current evidence-based research for treatment plans

Your First Therapy Session

During the first session with your therapist at Positive Circles, they gather information about you and how they can help you become your best.

It might take a few sessions for your therapists to fully understand your situation and determine the solution-building approach or the best course of action to employ in helping you.

During these sessions, you may be asked to fill out forms about your current and past physical and emotional health.

Please, do not hesitate to ask questions anytime during your appointment and get instant answers and clarification.

Starting Therapy Sessions

You’ll likely meet with Heather Picart once a week or every other week for your sessions. Appointments are 50 minutes long, allowing 10 minutes between appointments to attend to your file.

During Your Therapy Sessions

Clinical therapist Heather Picart will encourage you to talk about your thoughts and feelings and what’s troubling you. You do not have to worry if you find it hard to be open about your feelings. She can help you gain more confidence and become more comfortable as time goes on.

We understand that your sessions sometimes involve intense emotional discussions. While you may occasionally feel upset or physically exhausted, we are here to help you cope with such feelings and emotions.

Also, you may be asked to do “homework” — activities or practices that build on what you learn during your regular therapy sessions. Over time, discussing your concerns can help improve your mood, change how you think and feel about yourself, and improve your ability to cope with problems.


All your conversations and case notes are confidential except where required by law or court order. Positive Circles is required by law to report to the appropriate authorities if there is physical or sexual abuse of a child under 18 or to believe a person’s life is in jeopardy.

Required Number of Sessions

The number of treatment sessions you need — as well as how frequently you need to see your therapist — depends on these factors:

  • Severity of your challenges
  • How long you’ve been dealing with your situation
  • How quickly you make progress
  • How much stress you’re experiencing
  • How much your health concerns interfere with day-to-day life
  • How much support do you receive from family members and others
  • Budget and insurance limitations


It may take only weeks to help you cope with a short-term situation. However, the treatment may last several months if you have a long-term mental illness or other concerns.

Ready to become the best version of yourself?

Start your sessions today.

Positive Circles Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

Dr. Paulette Higgins, Chiropractor
Dr. Paulette Higgins, ChiropractorRadiates Compassion and Empathy
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I have known Heather for over thirty years. She radiates compassion and empathy with excellent rapport-building skills. Her professionalism and attention to detail set her apart from the rest, as she is dedicated to seeing her patients live healthy lives. I highly recommend that patients, family, and friends seek Heather for her counselling services.
Kike Ojo-Thompson, Equity Consultant
Kike Ojo-Thompson, Equity ConsultantWarm and Genuine
Read More
Heather is warm and genuine and makes you feel comfortable right away. She isn't judgemental but comes across as very relatable and down-to-earth. I confidently recommend Heather's services to others.
Bernadette Arthur, Equity Consultant
Bernadette Arthur, Equity ConsultantIntegrity and Character
Read More
I can attest that Heather Picart is a person of great integrity and character. Her attentiveness and ability to be fully present with the needs of others make her an excellent choice for a therapist.
Motse Ramathe, Psychotherapist
Motse Ramathe, PsychotherapistApproachable and Easy
Read More
In the years I have known Heather, I have found her to be approachable and easy to talk to, her warmness and ability to listen without judgment, together with her cany ability to apply therapeutic theories and make them accurate and easy to understand for the ordinary person makes her the best therapist I know.
Nisa Darroux, Financial Analyst
Nisa Darroux, Financial AnalystNisa Darroux, Financial Analyst
Read More
Heather is that therapist who provides individualized attention and tailors her services to meet each client's unique needs. Your search is over if you are looking for someone empathetic, non-judgmental, compassionate, and highly confidential. She is highly competent multiculturally and believes in providing the highest quality of service.
Naudia Larrow, Client Services
Naudia Larrow, Client ServicesThoughtful and Caring Colleague
Read More
Heather is a very balanced and engaging individual who takes great care in her work. Her ability to connect and support those who seek her help makes her the obvious choice when dealing with difficult situations. Her thoughtful, caring, and captivating personality makes her a joy to work with. I highly recommend Heather as a therapist and counsellor.
Len Carby, Financial Planner
Len Carby, Financial PlannerAmazing Ability To Connect
Read More
Heather has a fantastic ability to connect and create strong relationships with clients. She is a good listener and demonstrates empathy and acceptance of people from different cultural backgrounds. I have witnessed her balanced and thoughtful approach to dealing with difficult situations, and her winsome personality makes her easy to work with.
Adolph Williams, Social Worker
Adolph Williams, Social WorkerEquitable and Dependable
Read More
Heather conducts her counselling practices from an anti-racist, inclusive point of view. One of her strongest qualities is her ability to build rapport with clients. She is warm, non-judgmental, and genuinely caring about the well-being of all with whom she interacts. She will give the tough messages necessary to the client's best interest and wellbeing.
Wayne Gray, Clinical Social Worker
Wayne Gray, Clinical Social WorkerLook No Further
Read More
Heather is versed in several therapeutic modalities and quickly demonstrates an ability to introduce your preferred approach in a way that feels reassuring. If you're looking for understanding while seeking to be understood - look no further.

Professional Counselling & Life Management

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